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Treadwells’ team of talented interior designers create beautiful, timeless and unique living spaces. From modern to traditional, classic to contemporary, minimalistic to extravagant, from single rooms to whole houses, Treadwells can create the space you envision.

Many clients come to us overwhelmed with ideas and concepts without knowing how to make this a reality. Others are very clear about what they want but don’t have the time or resources to get the job done. That is where we come in. With many years’ experience, we have created many different spaces, meticulously tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our process is simple. We listen to what you want, we evaluate the space and devise a plan on how we will move forward. We believe the planning stage is crucial. After understanding what you require, we work with the space, to maximise its potential; the natural light to create the desired ambience; and the architecture of the room.


Then we will collect samples to give an insight of what your space can look like, discussing patterns, fabrics, furniture pieces, accessories, and anything else that impact the look of the space. We work closely with all our clients, ensuring they have their own input, as we understand this is a personal expression of your taste and style.

With our expert eyes and attention to detail, you can trust that every feature has been carefully considered and not left to chance. Our ability to visualise and predict allows us to make recommendations that we know you will like.

Keeping to an arranged schedule and budget, we will create stunning results that make your house feel like your home.




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